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Learn to code and get an International French Diploma.

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Who we are?

42 Amman, a program by the Crown Prince Foundation, is a future-proof computer science program that aims to educate Jordan’s next generation of coders.

The program is part of the global network of “Ecole 42”; which is tackling the world-wide digital developer shortage by changing the face of education through its unique methodology.

Utilizing an innovative peer-to-peer, project-based, teacher-less, tuition-free approach, 42 Amman will graduate highly skilled developers ready to take on the challenges of the future.

42 Amman is a program by the Crown Prince Foundation, led in partnership with CHAMS Association, strategic partnership of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation of Jordan, the French Embassy in Jordan, and implemented by the College of Advanced Vocational Training of Jordan (CAVT). 42 Amman works in close collaboration with industry partners to increase the employment opportunities for its graduates.

Ecole 42 was founded in 2013 in Paris and currently has more than 54 campuses worldwide in 31 countries and over 44,000 graduates.

Embark your journey in education: Tuition covered, always free!

Peer-to-peer pedagogy

Project-based learning

Gamified curriculum

Campus open 24/7

Embrace the failure and fuel your learning journey!

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How to Apply

In a few steps, your journey with 42 Amman is set to begin!


Create a profile through our website and let the adventure begin!

Logic Test

Solve a series of logical problems to test your cognitive skills in our online game. Set aside about 2 hours here and take the test on a PC. No prior experience needed!

Introduction Meeting

Attend an introduction, online or in person, to discover a whole lot more about our ethos and methodology. You will have the chance to ask questions and, if you attend onsite, meet some of the team and explore the campus.


A month-long immersion into the waters of the 42 method. No prior experience needed here, just a motivated and open approach so that you can decide if we're the right school for you, and we can decide if you're a good fit for our community.

Welcome Home!

If you pass through the Piscine, you will officially start your studies at 42 Amman, kicking off with the core curriculum.

The 42 Curriculum

The 42 Amman curriculum follows that of École 42 from Paris. The structure allows students to use their knowledge practically and alongside their peers. We have over 21,000 students thriving throughout 42 campuses the world over. Within this educational model, we help you learn coding from scratch. We accommodate students who have no prior coding knowledge, and strengthen the foundations of those that do. Of course, our peer-to-peer learning model is not for everyone, and our Piscine is the perfect place to dip your toes in before beginning official studies. From there, the core curriculum provides a solid base from which students can dive into their specialisations.

1. Core Curriculum (12-18 months)

2. First Internship (4-6 months)

3. Specialization (up to 3 years)

4. Second Internship (4-6 months)

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We are 100% free ... but HOW?

No, it’s not too good to be true. Here’s the answer to our most frequently asked question.

42 Amman is a non-profit

Studying at any campus of Ecole 42 all around the world is 100% free and will always be free. We are a non-profit organization that aims to provide accessible high-quality education to talented individuals from all walks of life.

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42 School Ranking

Ecole 42 is ranked one of the top 10 Innovative Universities

Ecole 42 is ranked first of the Top 50 with Ethical Value

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